The Volunteer Tax and Loan Program (VTLP), ABDC’s largest program, is a unique multi-faceted program that provides tax assistance to underserved, hard-to-reach, low income rural residents of partner communities. ABDC coordinates with over 130 program contributors and recruits more than one hundred volunteers to provide services to nearly 150 rural communities across eleven regions of the state.

Direct face to face assistance with current year tax return preparation and taxpayer education is conducted during the months of February and March by teams of volunteers traveling to rural communities. Additionally, current year, prior year and amended return preparation as well as education and assistance with IRS controversy issues are conducted on a year-round basis from the Anchorage office. There is no charge to the individual for these services.

                                                                                            2017 Program Results

  • Assisted eleven regions of Alaska: the Aleutians, Bering Strait, Bristol Bay, Copper River, Interior, Kodiak, North Slope,
    Pribilofs, Southeast, Western and Yukon Delta
  • Traveled to 73 partner communities and assisted 76 more by mail
  • Assisted nearly 9,000 individuals
  • Assisted nearly 1,400  individuals age 60 and older
  • Assisted taxpayers representing 515 commercial fishing permit holders, crewmembers and
    other industry related occupations
  • Prepared over 5,900 tax returns
  • Delivered over 2,570 educations
  • Generated $8.6 million in tax refunds
  • Assisted 40 taxpayers with IRS controversy issues
  • Recruited 112 volunteers from professional entities, organizations and universities
  • Secured 120 program supporters, contributing financial and in-kind support

Brochure- VTLP Program

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