The Alaska Business Development Center, Inc. (ABDC) is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit corporation that provides business consulting and tax related services to rural Alaska residents. Founded in 1978, ABDC provides quality assistance to individuals who do not have access to professional services due to their income, language barriers or isolated geographic location. ABDC travels directly to rural Alaska communities to provide hands on assistance to those in need. Additionally, services are offered by professionals throughout the year at the Anchorage office.

New for 2016!

Now you too can support the Volunteer Tax and Loan Program!  Check out the new ways to support VTLP and help make services available in rural Alaska.

smile_amazonIf you shop through Amazon, consider using Amazon Smile!  By selecting ABDC as your Smile organization, Amazon will donate 5% of the purchase price to ABDC, without any cost to you!  Same Amazon products and service!  Click the icon to get started!


fred_meyerBy registering your Fred Meyers Reward Card and selecting ABDC as your charitable organization, you can help support ABDC.  You will still receive your reward points, rebates and fuel points, but a portion of the money you spend at Fred Meyers will be donated to ABDC.  Click on the icon to register your reward card and start supporting today!


Lovalaska Dot Heart

We are a 2016 Pick.Click.Give. organization.  When you apply for your PFD in 2016, you can elect to donate a portion of your PFD and continue to support ABDC’s efforts to help the rural communities.


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